Our technical expertise combined with fantastic listening abilities allow for your innovation and creativity to go unhindered.  Go on we’re listening…

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Technical film & TV services

Technical creativity in Film and TV production.  What that means is that we’re not the type to say no, we always get you there and sometimes we’re even nice enough to point you in the right direction… sometimes we just end up geeking out on the phone!

Digital Everything

Digital takes many guises and identifying where best to enhance and innovate the technological requirements of a businesses brand takes.. us basically. Every brand has the potential to advance, your competitors may be one step ahead already, with many years of experience working with brands and advanced technological infrastructures let us take you further.

Photography & Printing

We love photography and the printing takes skill especially with film – we love it all and can take care of the simple to complex.

who we are

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Film Band provides technical solutions and support for your projects that allow you the scope for unhindered creativity and innovation.  Our philosophy centres on our ability to solve problems and fulfil your project’s requirements in full.  We’ve worked on many pioneering projects from filming RAW 4K multi cam shoots for concerts when everyone else was using 1080p to creating web architecture that only several other companies have attempted across the globe.

In essence we’re not afraid of going big to give you what you want and we have the expertise to do so.

Film + TV
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Photography + Printing
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Cat and Dog Videos
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Work with us and we’ll make sure you’re always represented and we may push you sometimes to do something that we know is in your best interests – one example is when we convinced one of our clients to use a crane on a shoot – they didn’t want to – we said you need it, the event requires it, it will place you in the premier league of events forever – they trusted us and it has paid off hugely (higher viewing figures and national broadcasters buying the footage after the fact) and now they take 2 per event.


This is all you will need to worry about so don’t worry about anything else, no one need mores stress in their lives right!?


We get you what you need – and we double and triple check everything – we’re annoyingly thorough – sometimes it takes several cups of tea per hour to be this thorough.

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We don’t just provide you with the information you need, we also deliver the physical requirements too – this includes crew/equipment hire, digital development along with event planning and execution.

When you combine our Film, Digital and Photography Bands you’ll find that you could have a large chunk of your project requirements taken care of – leaving you to focus on whatever you do best!

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Worked with us? Send us some feedback and if it’s glorious it will go on our website if it’s just great we’ll try harder.

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    Joshua A. Bolt
    Joshua A. BoltNova Garden Services
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let’s work together

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What we need from you is… your needs in writing; whether they’re an equipment list, a job offer or an idea, just let us know.


Phone: +44 (0) 208 707 6485
Fax: +44 (0) 7824 818 089


Main man: Ghandi@film-band.co.uk
Digital: Digital@film-band.co.uk
Just thinkin: enquiry@film-band.couk

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